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Industrial Dust Collectors

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Julbert Inc. Custom Oil Field Equipment Includes FRAC Dust Collector Systems, and Portable Industrial Dust Collectors, Designed to be able to withstand the rigors of over-the-road Towing, Industrial and  Oil Field Environments 

  • ​6,000 to 60,000 CFM. 
  • Mobile or Stationary 
  • Electric or Diesel Powered
  • Leasing, Rentals, Sales 
  • Equipment Remanufacturing 

Customer Equipment Modification

Structural,Process Piping Configuration Changes & Repairs, Per Customer Requirements or Concept Designs. 

Coil Systems

Coil Piping Systems are fabricated from SA-106 Gr. B Seamless Steel Pipe in SCH 40 or SCH 80, per customer requirements. All Weld Fittings are SA 234 WPB Seamless Forged Steel and welded with 70,000 PSI tensile strength filler welding material. All pipe and fittings used in each coil are supplied with Material Test Reports, to verify the material composition and source of the steel used in fabrication. Each Coil is Hydro-tested to 800 PSI for SCH 40 Pipe and 1600 PSI for SCH 80 Pipe. Each Hydro-test is recorded on a “Barton Meter” graph, recording, Time, Temperature, and Pressure. Customer receives the original Hydro-test graph. 

Custom Fabrication

Steel fabrication facility servicing a wide range of Customers and Industries throughout the United States.

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Julbert Inc. has a long track record of manufacturing oil field skids of the highest quality and durability. Through our proven, flexible manufacturing approach, we’re equipped and ready to provide you're custom manufactured oil field skids.


Heater Burner is LPG or Natural Gas fired, per Customer preference. All burner zone piping is welded. Forged Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings are only used outside of the direct “Heat Zone”. Mixing Chambers are Stainless Steel rather than Carbon Steel for extended life, and reduced maintenance. Burner is supplemented with an LPG Vapor Generator to ensure positive vapor pressure to the burner in cold weather operation.Heaters are used in "Hot Oil Heater Units", "FRAC Trailer Units" and "Stationary Liquid Heater Units" in processing plants and are capable of developing more than 8,000,000 BTU per Coil, and in Multi-Pass combinations over 32,000,000 BTU.

Heater Enclosures

 Heater Enclosure are fabricated from 3/16" Steel Plate and insulated with 4 Inches of 2300 degree Ceramic Fiber Insulation on the Walls of the Heater Enclosure. Insulation is attached with Stainless Steel Stud Welded Pins and reinforced with Stainless Steel Wire Cloth covering the Ceramic Fiber. 

Julbert Inc. Custom Oil Field Equipment